Taekwondo Champions

This weekend; Maria A and Ben N participated in a Taekwondo Competition. They have been training very hard in preparation for this competition!

Maria won her semi final with an amazing score of 12-0, moving into the final which she won comfortably 14-4. Maria was awarded National Champion.

Ben also won his first match comfortably 13-6, with getting through to the semi final he was moved straight into the final following a disqualification in the semi final round, but this left him with a huge challenge on his hands, finally securing a win 17-16 after a tight competition. Ben was awarded National Champion.

Both students regularly train with the ESA Taekwondo club and also the Community Taekwondo club held as MCA with Daniel the coach (seen below on the National team picture).

Health & Wellbeing: A new beginning

I’m writing to share with you the hectic and exciting start to the year that greeted Health and Wellbeing as the UK School Games came to Manchester.
This was an extremely prestigious event that welcomed young people from all across the United Kingdom to compete in a variety of sports at an elite level.
The event started on Thursday night with the opening ceremony at the Phones 4U arena. There were dance performances, musical performances, speeches from dignitaries, interviews with famous athletes and needless to say, MCA students featured throughout the evening. One of the performances showcased 150 school children from across the city joining together to create a Manchester choir. All of this was instigated and co-ordinated by Anne-Marie McGill and 25 of our students sang their hearts out to an audience of 5000 people. Another group of students acted as flag bearers welcoming the athletes into the arena and finally Sirkirhat and Maria A were 2 of the 3 young people selected from all students in Manchester to deliver the batons used in the city-wide baton relay. They arrived on stage accompanied by Jade E, Katerina J and Ellie S.

Creepy Crawlie Roadshow

The creepy crawlie roadshow was booked to enhance learning for the year 8 topic  adaptation and relationships in an eco system. The students took part in a presentation in which they learned about habitats and adaptations of some animals which they would not usually come across.Animals included burmese python, cane toad,scorpion, tarantula, red legged centipede,madagascan cockroach,corn snake, gekho,fire salamander. Some students volunteered to hold some of the animals during the talk . The students were able to ask lots of questions and they were completely engaged and all had the opportunity to handle some of the animals at the end of the ‘talk’.

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