On our way

The students arrived early at the academy this morning ready for a couple of days filled full with activities. I am sure all the sugar they eat on the coach will be burnt off within the first afternoon. We have departed safely from the Academy at 9:30am and are on our way to Ullswater Outward Bound centre.
Don’t forget to check this blog each evening for updates of our activities. In case of any emergencies you can contact us on:
Academy Mobile – 07436 282392
Ullswater Outward Bound Centre – 017684 85001.
More to follow this evening….



The Academy has been working with some architecture students from the University of Manchester, who are working on a project in Cheetham Hill. Today, 17 year 11 students have been helping them with the project. Our students played Jenga, drew plans of their own homes and highlighted local areas on maps to help the architecture students with their own designs.  The Jenga bricks have words that describe the local area on them and the maps are highlighted with areas the students like and try to avoid. The architecture students found the event really helpful and are now able to design the buildings in Cheetham Hill inspired by our students. Our students have had the chance to meet university students and take part in a project which will help them decide if a career in architecture or design is right for them. Some of our students who are thinking about becoming architects in the future will be able to visit the School of Architecture for some work experience later in the year.

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Autumn Holidays

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 13.17.15

Over the recent half term holidays MCA hosted another action packed week of activities for local children. On Monday and Tuesday, we hosted an exclusively outdoor camp with children taking part in an array of outdoor games including; cricket, football and tennis. The camp was well attended with 48 children taking part.

On the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday we entertained 159 young people (73 male, 86 female), 96% of participants were from our target postcodes of M8, M9 and M40 with 9 MCA students attending. There were 5 camps on offer encompassing sport, cooking, drama, arts/crafts, dance, geography, geology and religious studies. The camps on offer were Health and Wellbeing, Street Dance/Drama, Around The World, ARTistic and Dinosaur Detectives. Dinosaur Detectives was a new camp planned and led by one of our new TA’s, the children learnt about fossils, different species of dinosaurs and took home clay models.

Following the weeks activities, parents/carers were asked to complete a short online survey. Detailed below are some of the positive comments received;

  • “Luca said the only thing he didn’t like about Dino detectives Was that it was only 3 days long!!!”
  • “My daughter has really enjoyed her experience at the MCA holiday Club, she made lots of new friends and still speaks about her dance teachers and through her experience she now wants to join the dance classes available at MCA”
  • “My Daughter really enjoyed the holiday camp and cant wait for the next one!! Thankyou to all your staff”

The images above provide a snapshot of the activities, all photos were taken on Wednesday afternoon.

For information on holiday programmes please contact Louise Hewitt on:
0161 202 0161

School Trip: Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Year 10 GCSE Art and Design

On Friday 19th September the Year 10 GCSE Art students went on a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of their GCSE course. The trip was to form the starting points for their first unit of work. The park has many artists that create outdoor sculptures and these are displayed over a vast area of countryside. We were lucky to have good weather allowing the students to be able to spend the day exploring the artwork and creating drawing of the work in sketchbook using a range of drawing techniques as well as using Photography skills to capture the work.


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Art & English Exhibition

‘How do artists express themselves?’

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.23.02

On Monday 20th October English and Art held a year 7 exhibition to celebrate the work that had been produced in the ‘How do artists express themselves project’. Year 7 students had been looking at the Year 10 GCSE work in their lessons and had chosen a student to analyse the work of and be inspired by. The students looked at the artists the Year 10 students had looked at as well as learning about how the work had been created and the meanings behind the work. Students then created podcasts where they explained the work and gave their opinions about the artwork. These podcasts were then shown at the exhibition showing the fantastic speaking and listening skills of the students.

In art students looked at the same Year 10 GCSE work and taking inspiration from these students chose to create a collage, painting or textured piece. The collage pieces were created on Photoshop using the theme of ‘Hollywood’ and taking inspiration from the students Lola, Kelsey and Remia . The paintings were created using different mark making techniques with paint and ink using the theme of ‘landscape’ and taking inspiration from Arlette . The textured  work was created using mixed media and mark making techniques using the theme of ‘surfaces’ and taking inspiration from Lara, Laurielle and Shauna . All Year 7 had their artwork displayed at the exhibition alongside the work of the artist they were inspired by.

The event was a great success and we would like to thank the parents and staff for making the event so memorable for our Year 7 students. MCA reception and canteen was filled with artwork, podcasts, poetry, live music and videos of the project which created a great atmosphere. A special Well Done to Year 7 for creating work that looked so impressive in an art gallery setting and we look forward to the next MCA Event.

Handmade Film Festival 2014

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 16.48.16

North Manchester and Harpurhey Handmade Film Festival

MCA again played host to the North Manchester and Harpurhey Handmade Film Festival.  A strong audience in excess of 150 local people attended the event on Friday 24th October. They were taken down Memory Lane, celebrate the magic of the movies with the added entertainment of Laura Harrison and the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra.

Courtesy of the North West Film Archive 3 short films were enjoyed by the audience. ‘Round The Clock’ was screened containing scenes from the CWS Biscuit Factory in Crumpsall.  There was a glimpse of a popular dance rendezvous as the era of the ‘Flirtation Waltz’ was relived. Finally the audience revisited some 1950s street games. Groups of boys and girls were seen playing an array of games using their environments of cobbled streets, pavements, alleyways, waste ground and walls.

Following the films, Laura Harrison and the Piccadilly Symphony Orchestra transported the crowd to the golden age of music and film by performing numbers from musicals such as South Pacific, Showboat and My Fair Lady.

The evening was a roaring success, local resident Joan commented “that was wonderful, absolutely wonderful”. The attendees ranged from young 0-80 years, with all involved enjoying the entertainment.

Taekwondo Champions

This weekend; Maria A and Ben N participated in a Taekwondo Competition. They have been training very hard in preparation for this competition!

Maria won her semi final with an amazing score of 12-0, moving into the final which she won comfortably 14-4. Maria was awarded National Champion.

Ben also won his first match comfortably 13-6, with getting through to the semi final he was moved straight into the final following a disqualification in the semi final round, but this left him with a huge challenge on his hands, finally securing a win 17-16 after a tight competition. Ben was awarded National Champion.

Both students regularly train with the ESA Taekwondo club and also the Community Taekwondo club held as MCA with Daniel the coach (seen below on the National team picture).

Health & Wellbeing: A new beginning

I’m writing to share with you the hectic and exciting start to the year that greeted Health and Wellbeing as the UK School Games came to Manchester.
This was an extremely prestigious event that welcomed young people from all across the United Kingdom to compete in a variety of sports at an elite level.
The event started on Thursday night with the opening ceremony at the Phones 4U arena. There were dance performances, musical performances, speeches from dignitaries, interviews with famous athletes and needless to say, MCA students featured throughout the evening. One of the performances showcased 150 school children from across the city joining together to create a Manchester choir. All of this was instigated and co-ordinated by Anne-Marie McGill and 25 of our students sang their hearts out to an audience of 5000 people. Another group of students acted as flag bearers welcoming the athletes into the arena and finally Sirkirhat and Maria A were 2 of the 3 young people selected from all students in Manchester to deliver the batons used in the city-wide baton relay. They arrived on stage accompanied by Jade E, Katerina J and Ellie S.